A Hard But Not Impossible Quest: How to Find the Right Dance Partner for You

Dancesport is a form of art, a partnership between two human beings that choose to perform together as one. Human relationships have always been unpredictable and no one has ever found a mathematical formula for success. Still, there are some things that can guide you when trying to find someone with whom you can be yourself and still grow, especially as a dancer partner.

What’s The Best Place To Find A Dance Partner?

Attend competitions. That is where all the professionals gather to dance, judge, exchange information and bring to fruition new ideas. It’s the perfect place to find others that are looking for a dance partner while also getting to see how good they are in dancesport. It is even better than searching at your local dance studio because there are so much more possibilities.

What Should I Look For In A Dance Partner?

1. Discuss stuff that represents the two of you. It is very important that you become friends because you’ll be spending a lot of time together. If your personalities can’t get along, you’ll have troubles on the dancefloor as well.

2. As we begin to advance in building a fruitful relationship you should feel comfortable and supportive of each other. We are not robots and we make mistakes. Your dance partner must know how to give critique in a way that makes you want to improve.

3. Make sure you share the same goals and expectations. If they don’t love dancing as much as you do, think twice. Being on the same track is essential. In a good partnership, most of the time you act as one and the line that separates the two of you is often blurred.

4. If there is nothing to learn from your dance partner, ask yourself whether you should continue or not. Nurture each other so you can become better.

5. See if you are compatible on pragmatic matters. Are you able to practice together? Does he work besides dancing? Is he living on the other side of the continent? Can you commit to a possible relationship? Is there a problem in finding a dance studio that suits his needs and wishes as well as yours?

6. Is he a leader or a follower? It is very important to make this clear from the start so you won’t have ego fights later on.

What’s Next?

Conflict is impossible to escape. There’s no such thing as a relationship lived in full harmony. You are ought to face problems and talk with each other. It’s the only way to mature and become better. If you are able to go through these moments together, your partnership will improve. If not, we have an article with tips on how to address your partner’s performance issues.

Now that we got some general stuff out of the way, it’s time to ask your potential dance partner for some practice together. You can’t be sure of anything until you dance. It is very important that your bodies communicate with each other by all the means, whether it’s inter-corporeal or symbolic.

In a previous article, I wrote about what makes a great dance couple. Your relationship is more than what it seems at first glance. It’s a union that goes all the way down to your souls but also has downsides. Be ready go beyond obstacles that will get in your way. If your dance partner has the best dance moves that you’ve seen so far but you can’t seem to connect at a deeper level, you won’t go far together. Keep this in mind.

There is no exact recipe for finding the right dance partner for you. Someone can be a very good dancer as in technical skills but may lack empathy. On the other side, there is someone who’s not a brilliant dancer but knows how to be supportive and be there for you as a partner. Human beings can never be perfect but the difference is made within those who strive to achieve it.

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Performance is not possible if you keep changing your partners like you change your socks!

There will be moments when it will seem impossible. Remember what dance means to you and go out there. I know that it may seem like the perfect approach to try out as many possible dance partners as you can. It’s better to find the one which fits your needs and just trust him. 

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