Pierre Dulaine: Social Dance To a Whole New Level With The Dulaine Teaching Method

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About our guest

How is it to have such an interesting life that you had a movie made after it? Pierre Dulaine surely knows. Along with his partner Yvonne Marceau, he won the Blackpool exhibition section four times. But even though he was a force in the professional dancers’ community, he had a bigger call for teaching.

He received the Americans for the Arts Award, the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Carl Alan Award or the United Nations nomination as a Goodwill Ambassador for promoting peace. The Dulaine teaching method combines the love for humankind with the love for dance to give birth to a wonderful synergy between the two in projects such as Dancing Classrooms. He does more than teaching steps, he teaches touching a human being with grace and respect in face of segregation and prejudice. One small step in a dance class, one giant step for humanity.

You can find more about Dancing Classrooms here. His official website is http://www.pierredulaine.org.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • His life story: from professional dancer to dance teacher;
  • The creation of the program Dancing Classrooms;
  • Explaining the Dulaine Teaching Method and the need for it;
  • What are the things that ballroom dancing builds in people;
  • His mission for the years to come.


Dancing has been my passion since I was 13 and since then I've been doing things in that direction. Writing, creating and putting together the biggest community for dancers around the world!

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