Peter Townsend: Teacher at 20, Team Amsterdam and Practice Planning

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About our guest

Dance has been in the life of Peter Townsend since he was 7. For many years he danced competitively and he became a Professional at the age of 21. He studied not only ballroom and latin but also classical, contemporary and jazz ballet and contact improvisation. He was a founding member of Team Amsterdam and he finds that one can be highly motivated by different thoughts and ideas. His approach to teaching is quite unique as he believes dancers need to have conversations from within themselves and from within the partnership. Peter has worked with amateur and professional World Champions in Ballroom, Latin and Showdance.

You can find more on his workshops by following Team Amsterdam on

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Peter Townsend’s dance story;
  • Team Amsterdam;
  • The difference between teaching and coaching;
  • The traits of a great dance student;
  • The illusion of effortless dancing;
  • The importance of structuring practice.

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Dancing has been my passion since I was 13 and since then I've been doing things in that direction. Writing, creating and putting together the biggest community for dancers around the world!

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