Jay Olson: Psychology, Magic and The Power of Suggestion

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About our guest

Jay Olson, M.Sc. is a doctoral researcher at McGill University. He has also been a magician since he was 7 years old. Jay is known for his work as a consultant to reduce fatigue and improve the performance of business travelers and elite athletes.

Jay Olson is interested in how psychology and magic can be combined and overlapped. In the podcast, you can find how the placebo effect and the power of suggestion can help you enhance your performance and reduce jet lag, along with tip and tricks concerning light exposure.

Find out more about Jay Olson on https://www.jayolson.org/.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • How he got into magic;
  • Overlapping and combining magic and psychology;
  • Magic as a method in psychology;
  • Circadian rhythm;
  • Sleep hygiene;
  • Light exposure & jet lag;
  • Melatonin – if and when to take it;
  • His go-to sleeping tools;
  • Placebo & the power of suggestion;
  • The psychology behind magic – influence.

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