Barbara Ambroz: Dancing as a Way of Life and the Cuban Experience

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About our guest

Born in Slovenia, Barbara Ambroz already started to teach at the age of 18. Now, with more than 30 years of experience as an adjudicator and trainer, she has an open eye for every student and believes that dance is an opportunity to express life’s values. Her educational project Cuban Experience in Havana, in cooperation with leading Cuban experts from Instituto Superior del Arte, was translated in the form of a short documentary called Back to the roots and in a book with the same name.

Find more about the Cuban experience here.
You can buy her book here.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Discovering her mission in life
  • No method is universal for each student
  • Barbara Ambroz’s way of teaching
  • Translating information into sensing
  • Pulling out potential out of people
  • Proving vs. improving
  • The meaning of dancing
  • The documentary & the book “BACK TO THE ROOTS”
  • Teachers – a bridge between past and future
  • Looking for vs. looking at

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