How It Feels Like To Win A World Title

A World Title – An Athlete’s Dream

As athletes, dancers go to competitions and give their best on the dance floor for different reasons. Some wish just to get through the next round, some wish to get into the final. But the happiness you feel in your heart when you win the first place is incomparable. And let’s be honest, all of us dreamt (or are still dreaming) of being on the very top. By “the very top” I am thinking about the World title of course 😉.

In our interview with Paul Moldovan and Cristina Tatar we talked about the memory they cherish the most from their career: winning the WDSF Youth World Championship in 2012, Beijing.

Mental Preparation

Competing in important competitions such as World Championships you must not only be 100% physically prepared, but your mindset has to be also very powerful.

Cristina told us in the interview that she felt strong from the moment she woke up on the day of the competition. She confessed that she was feeling like an alien or like a robot – definitely something out of this world.

“I felt that nobody is stronger than me, nobody can dance better than me. It was an unbelievable feeling.”
Cristina Tatar

Paul confirms that on a day like this, you should feel mentally prepared just like fighters feel before combat. If that isn’t a true winner’s mentality, then I don’t know what is! The key is to remain focused the whole day, even during the warm-ups or the first rounds.

Emotions Of A Champ

Winning a World title is a huge honor as it represents the moment when all your hard work, sacrifices and talent are recognized. Baring that in mind, you can only imagine how emotional it must be to find out that you are the new World Champion.

Here’s how it went for Paul & Cristina:

Cristina: The peak was when we were waiting for the results. The guy with the paper was coming, trying to hide them. He was really just next to me and all the crowd came and people were squeezing me. I just saw the results because I was so close to him. There it was, the 1st place, and in my mind I couldn’t believe it. I knew that we could really win. But when I saw it I was trying to get excited and then I was saying to myself “Oh no no, calm down, wait, what if it’s not like that?”. 

I turned around and I think it was Paul or our coach and I just turned and said: “I think we won!”. We waited and when they announced us it was such a great feeling. Especially because people were thinking that no one from Romania could ever win a World title. But we were the first ones to do it. Even now when I remember I am getting goosebumps. Then when we climbed on the highest step of the podium the emotions grew even bigger. Finally, when they put the Romanian national anthem on my tears just starting to fall off.

Paul: When I saw the result I remember I shouted. But remember, we were in China and the hall was really quiet – no music, nobody was dancing, people were just sitting down. And then there was me shouting! Our coach came to us and asked us what’s wrong and I just said “We won! Check the list – we won!”. We hugged, we jumped, but we also said: “Let’s wait!”. Even now when I am thinking about the moment I can relive those emotions.

Lessons To Learn From Them

Listening to this story, every dancer should understand that a World title comes only after a lot of work and dedication. Competing in such a championship requires a lot of emotional and mental strength. And finally, once you win, you’ll feel a warmth in your heart and honor, but at the same time, you remain humble.

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