Transylvanian Grand Prix 2017 – 5 days. 1,000+ Dancers from 25 Countries & 15+ World Class Teachers in Sibiu!

The annual edition of Transylvanian Grand Prix is an event dedicated to dancesport. It will take place in Sibiu, Romania, between September 15th and September 17th, at Transylvania Hall.

What is the Transylvanian Grand Prix about in a nutshell?

Three full days of contests and unforgettable meetings with dancers from all around the world. Three days of 100% dancesport. Both those who have a lifelong affair with dance, and those uninitiated in the beauty of dancesport will enjoy a unique combination of dance, creativity, emotions, and elegance.

The generic name ‘international contest’ doesn’t cut it when it comes to the attention this event deserves. Not to mention it’s a world rank event at the finest. It’s a contest that for the last three years held European and worldwide competitions for amateurs and professionals.

Transykvanian Grand Prix 2016 Trophies

Great names, amazing people

More than 1,000 dancers from 25 countries and over 5,000 spectators are expected. Additionally, there will be special guests, the crème de la crème of the world of dance.

Surely, the organizing stellar team of Transylvanian Grand Prix will do everything in their power to blow our minds again! They will recreate a ball atmosphere and a full-circle experience for everyone. Furthermore, the participants will enjoy a fiery competition and put on a grand show for the public. Visitors can definitely expect three bumper packed days of fun!

Two top couples will make their appearance at the World Open Latin: Timur Imametdinov – Nina Bezzubova (GER) and Andrea Silvestri – Martina Varadi (HUN).

As for the World Open Standard, it will be at least as interesting as the previous year. 12 of the top 50 world ranking couples attended. Likewise, this year the tradition continues and the dancers and public will feel like stepping into a ballroom. The decor will be unusual and glamorous, the atmosphere classy and the opening full of surprises!

The People Behind The Transylvanian Grand Prix (TGP)

Organizers Transylvanian Grand Prix 2017

Transylvanian Grand Prix is a family. This ‘genealogical tree’ has two main branches: the Gavrila family whose members are Cristina, Ana, and Radu and the second 10 years old branch – Daniela Apației and Serban Rotaru.

Transylvanian Grand Prix is an important competition pinpointed on the map of world dance. The organizers’ attention is equally focused on the comfort and well-being of the dancers. Namely, they offer an environment suitable for this sport –  from scenography, music, great atmosphere to a well-organized program – and all the necessary conditions for the public.

The presence of the most diverse dancers from all corners of the world promise an explosion of energy, colors, music, and dance that enchant everyone who attends. Plus, the event will also be live-streamed all over the world.

For more details about Transylvanian Grand Prix, go to their official website or their Facebook page.

Transylvanian Training Camp (TTC)

The camp of the Transylvanian Grand Prix takes place on 18-19 September and is intended to stimulate the development of new collaborations, partnerships, and learning. TTC is synonymous with performance, professionalism and high artistic level.

Who are the teachers?

dancesport teachers

1. For Standard:

  • Giordano Vanone

Probably one of the world’s most respected standard dances teacher, the one that empowered many dancers who have made history.

  • William Pino

Former world champion, recognized for his unmistakable style in the dance world.

You can check our interview with William on the Dancesport Life Show and you can also read William Pino – Stay True to Yourself and to the Dance | The Teacher’s Corner.

  • Pietro Braga

A very in vogue teacher lately, renowned for his knowledge of music and the fact that he brings a new flavor to standard dance.

You can check our interview with Pietro on the Dancesport Life Show and you can also read the following articles by him: Pietro Braga – Dancing to Timing vs. Dancing to Music | Tips from the PROs and Pietro Braga – In Dancesport the Starting Point is the Music | The Teacher’s Corner.

2. For Latin:

  • Colin James

Probably the most respected and knowledgeable latin coaches of WDSF with a big luggage of champions.

You can check our interview with Colin on the Dancesport Life Show and you can also read the following articles by him: Colin James – “As a Competitor You Get All the Information and as a Teacher You Get to File it” | The Teacher’s Corner and Colin James – The Secret to a Successful Long-Term Relationship With Your Dance Partner | Tips from the PROS.

  • Barbara Nagode-Ambroz 

Top-notch teacher of world-class couples.

You can check our interview with Barbara on the Dancesport Life Show and you can also read the following articles by her: Barbara Ambroz – Dancing Happens Here and Now | The Teacher’s Corner and Building Skill in Dancing – Barbara Ambroz | Tips from the PROs.

  • Roberto Albanese

One of the coolest coaches at the moment, a present figure at the majority of congresses held by the WDSF.

  • Siscu Perez

A member of the Spanish Dancesport Federation and a frequent adjudicator in many international competitions.

You can check our interview with Siscu on the Dancesport Life Show and you can also read the following article by him: Siscu Perez – Leave your mark, make it personal, let passion lead you | The Teacher’s Corner.

  • Frederic Mosa

A top trainer who never missed an edition of the Transylvanian Training Camp.

Why should you attend the camp?

The dancers present at TTC can choose one of the available packages. The packages include advantageous accommodation, groups lessons, lecture, practice and airport shuttle and group classes. Of course, they will have the chance to train with the best in a fantastic atmosphere. 

Visit their Facebook page for the full agenda.

Make sure you don’t miss it!


You can check the lectures of Pietro Braga, William Pino, Frederic Mosa, Roberto Albanese, and Siscu Perez in the Transylvanian Grand Prix package on Dansporlife Academy

You can also check Pietro Braga and Frederic Mosa’s lectures from Master Evolution Training Camp 2020 of Dancesportlife Academy.

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