21 Things You Should Never Say To Your Dance Teacher In A Lesson

We all love our dance teacher. They offer us their knowledge and wisdom so that we have a successful career. Their guidance is precious for all of us and we cherish them as they are one of the most important parts of our lives. Therefore, we always have to show them the respect they deserve and there are certain things that you should never say to them.

Even though you might think some of them 😜

You’ve helped us put together a list of 21 things you should never say to your dance teacher: 


1. “My other teacher told me this is not correct.”

2. “I wasn’t paying attention to your explanation.”

3. “We did not have the time to practice what you taught us in the previous lesson.”

4. “I forgot the steps.”

5. “I am tired of doing that step.”

6. “I can’t do that move.”

7. “You are wrong.”

8. “I spent all my dance budget on a new laptop.”

9. “I know that already.”

10. “No, everything is perfect! I don’t have any questions.”

11. “Can we go to McDonald’s after this lesson?”

12. “But I am doing everything correctly!”

13. “We’ve done this step over and over again! Let’s stop.”

14. “I don’t want to learn that step!”

15. “That is not how you showed this move before!”

16. “The other teacher explains better.”

17. “I can’t dance to this song!”

18. “Why didn’t I get into the final, if I’ve done everything you told me to do?”

19. “Can you turn down the volume? I am hungover.” 

20. “This step is too old-school for me.”

21. “Technique isn’t that important!”

If you have any onther ideas of what you shouldn’t say to your teacher, you can put them in the comment section below. And always remember to respect your teachers!

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