South Open Championships – Show Stopping Dancing Between 28th of November and 2nd of December

Between 28th of November and 2nd of December 2018, Hyatt Regency Orlando is going to host a fabulous event: the South Open Championships.

By all means, prepare yourself for high-quality dancing, remarkable judge panel, and outstanding show!

The Heritage of the South Open Championships

The South Open Championships has a rich history behind. Even though the name might sound new to you, South Open Championships is, in fact, the formerly known as the Dance Olympics, part of Triple Crown Dance Series.

Larry and Dianne Dean founded the event in 1972 and it is well known that all the world-class dancers participated in this competition. In fact, most of the all-time dance giants used to compete, for example Corky Ballas, Donnie Burns, Sammy Stopford, Andrew Sinkinson, and Lorraine Barry.

There is no doubt that if you dance at the South Open Championships you’ll have the honor to share the dance floor with the current US 10 dance Champions, World Rhythm Champions, and World Showdance Champions.

The Secret Behind the Success of the Event Is the People 

The organizer of the competition is Sid Pocius, originally from Lithuania. He runs the Empire Ballroom Studios in Sarasota. Moreover, Sid is an internationally known ballroom dancer and now a sought-after judge and a meticulous competition organizer.

Therefore, be sure that the schedule is going to be on point and that the event is going to be seasoned with spectacular moments!

“…we all feel something special in Sid’s events…”
Paul Killick
Dance Legend


You can click here to see the full program.

Great Names Will Be There To Judge Your Dancing

What is a greater honor than to be judged by some of your dance idols? Well, we have to tell you that at the South Open Championships the biggest names in the industry will mark you!

Karina Smirnoff rings a bell, right?

Here are just some from the list:

  • Rufus Dustin
  • Toni Redpath
  • Justin Duknauskas
  • Maria Manusova
  • Eugene Katsevman
  • Jonathan Wilkins

Did we make you curious already? See the full list HERE.

Register With the Congress To Learn From the Best

The South Open Championships will also give you the opportunity to listen and gain knowledge from dancesport world-leading experts. We all know how difficult it is to fly all over the world to have lessons, so why not take advantage of the South Open Championships and register for the Congress.

Here is how the lineup looks like:

November 30th Regency Ballroom

  • Jonathan Wilkins – “Classic vs Modern, what will make You win?!” (International Ballroom)
  • Elena Grinenko –  “Master Your inner Vibe” (American Rhythm)

December 1st Regency Ballroom

  • Toni Redpath –  “Fundamentals of Smooth Technique”  (American Smooth)
  • Karina Smirnoff –  “From Good To Great” (International Latin)

 You can buy the tickets HERE. Don’t miss the chance!

Expect A Mysterious Performance!

Besides the exhilarating competition and the inspiring Congress, you’ll also have the change to witness a thrilling demonstration by a professional surprise couple.

Here is what Sid had to say about what he prepared for us all:

“It is very rewarding to see the audience in awe, and actually this is my and my staff’s mission for the South Open Championships. So we promise that Professional Show will be the one to talk about for years to come and some surprise elements we want to leave as a surprise”
Sid Pocius

Things To Do in Orlando

If you decide and go the South Open Championships you might as well take advantage of what the city has to offer!

Everybody’s heard of the famous Disney! Then, why not just go there… Let loose from competition stress and let loose to your inner child 🙂 If you are more interested in science, you can visit the Kennedy Space Center or explore beautiful aquariums at the SeaWorld Park.


Are you ready for dancing? Are you prepared to learn secrets from the best names from the dancesport world?

Then what are you waiting for ?! Register for the South Open Championships and enjoy a full dancing experience!


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