Feeling Down? Remember Why You Started Dancing in the First Place!

No matter the level you’re at, beginner or a professional, sometimes you can feel unmotivated. You are asking yourself, is it worth to continue dancing? But in these moments it’s crucial that you remember why you started dancing in the first place!

Keeping in mind why you fell in love with this beautiful sport and art will give you the power to continue. You will realize all the efforts you have made in order to get to the point you are now at. Just think about the reasons why you cannot live without dancing.

You shared your love for dancing with us and now it’s our turn to return the favor. That’s why we gathered some of the responses from our Facebook Group friends and we wanted to show you what is dancesport for them. Maybe you’ll find your reason for dancing among them!

1. Passion and Expression

Dancing is all about expressing your feelings. It’s about showing your true personality, or even a different one. Dancing is the best way of showing emotions, especially for passionate people.

“Dancesport is not only your dance on the dance floor, it is the way you express your feelings, but not to impress.”
“I am dancing to express emotions through body execution and facial expression as well. It also promotes confidence in one's personality and develops good muscle tones.”
“Passion for dance, a journey of continual improvement and expression of movement.”
”Profession, inspiration, passion 😊
"Dancesport is a way of life, competitive dance gives me purpose and a way to connect with others through my art”

2. Dancing Brings Fun Into Your Life

What do you do when you’re feeling sad? You dance! It lifts up the energy, it’s entertaining and you get to meet really cool people 😉

“A happy pill!”
“Dancesport is my life my happiness. It is so relatable to me every step, every touch, every sound. It makes me more comfortable in every way.”
“Fun way to express myself whilst working with someone else.”
“Most important hobby - best stress relaxation and equilibrium to my strenuous job.”


3. Discipline Beyond Sport

Dancesport is a beautiful mixture of art and sports. It has the best of the two worlds: competitiveness, discipline, and hard work, but also softness, sensuality, and emotions.

“It gives me the discipline that's why I love this kind of dance.”
“To me, dancesport is an art that completes me in sports learning. It shows me the other aspect of sport which I couldn't visualize in martial art/sport.”
“For me, dancesport is not just a simple sport. It's a combination of art and having sportsmanship. Helping one to have the discipline not only in dancing but also in other aspects of your life. Dancing is a sport coming from your heart.”
“Being an athlete, learning the art of ballroom dancing, and being competitive...Dancesport acknowledges all my hard work when I go to competitions. It is taking all my devotion to learn how to dance my heart out.”
”Hard work, discipline, determination, passion... pleasure!”
“Is one of the best "things" that happened in my life and change it for the better. I'm trying to be better every single day in this "field" of art and sport. Fierceness and elegance, sensuality and intelligence are politely connected... From this sweet struggle, I'm a step closer to be a dancer and also a completed person.”

Don’t Ever Lose Your Spark!

In everything that you do, you have to remember why you fell in love with that certain thing. Here we shared with you why our friends are passionate about dancing and what it keeps them moving forward.

We would love to hear from you what does dancesport represents for you? Share the passion for dancing with us!

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