Alan Fletcher Tells You 18 Things To Pay Attention To In Paso Doble

Alan Fletcher – A Master Of Paso Doble

A true legend of the Latin American dancing world – Alan Fletcher, is one of the most sought after teachers, preparing couples to win the highest titles in our industry. He is offering in his lecture at the Gladiators Dance Congress 2019, uploaded on Dancesportlife Academy, his vision on the most essential aspects of mastering paso doble.

Alan Fletcher Tells You 18 Things To Pay Attention To In Paso Doble

We extracted from Alan’s lecture 18 things to pay attention to in paso doble if you want to master this beautiful, yet quite difficult dance:


1. The character of paso doble is the movement of the matador and the cape.

2. There are 5 elements that are crucial for creating paso doble: music, posture, shaping, framing, and resistance.

3. The legs need to be on time with the music.

4. The body breaths through the music; it stretches with the music.

5. Breath in the standing position, through your legs and body.

6. The feet are moving because the body is moving.

7. Posture is the first thing judges look for in paso doble.

8. Using diagonal lines, shoulder to hip, you can create different shapes. 

9. For ladies is important to play with the wrists. 

10. Never get the hands higher than the elbows. 

11. When the elbows drop, the back drops, and then the core becomes small. 

12. The body should stay away from your hands. 

13. Don’t use your arms to move your partner. 

14. In order to create resistance in your movement, when you go down think that you’re going up and vice versa. 

15. Place the partner on her feet.

16. Keep your hips up.

17. Give space to your partner.

18. My lead is not the connection, but the center is.


Alan also explains in the lecture, the “Fletcher Twist” with the help of a very special guest; a hint for you: she was world champion for 10 times! To see who we’re talking about, you can go here. 

And we also have a surprise for you! Here is a preview from the lecture:

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