8 Latin Videos You Need To Watch On YouTube

Watching videos of your favorite dancers is great for relaxing and getting inspired by your idols. I’ve created a list of 8 Latin videos you need to watch on YouTube. They are videos that made me cry, be in awe, or made me move my hips along.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. Also, keep an eye out for the Ballroom list – it’s going to be published soon!

1. Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff 

My all-time favorite video ever is Slavik and Karina’s rumba from 2004. It is a representation of pure beauty, innocence, with the right amount of sensuality.

2. Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis

Michael and Joanna are known for their unique style of dancing, bold & sharp. This cha-cha shows very well their innovative artistry, even through their song choice. 

3. Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko 

This is probably the most powerful dance I have ever seen. Everything is exquisite, starting from the incredible performance, stunning costumes to the last 10 seconds of the video.

4. Sergey Surkov & Melia

Sergey & Melia represent, in this rumba, the dramatic side of this dance. Lara Fabian’s song is a masterpiece on its own, but Sergey and Melia manage to bring to life the story in a way that simply gives you goosebumps

5. Stefano Di Fillipo & Dasha

In this rumba show, we can see a very delicate Dasha, almost like a porcelain doll. Stefano dances and handles Dasha with such care as if he doesn’t want to break this precious being.

6. Victor Da Silva & Anna Melnikova 

This mystical showdance choreography – “Izzïs”- of Anna & Victor is incredible. Anna manages to show the power of a woman in such an inspirational way and Victor supports her with such strength.

7. Bryan Watson & Carmen

This is probably the most emotional “Last Dance” video I have ever watched. It is close to impossible to watch this video without crying. The “legendary” feeling this video gives is out of this world: the Empress Ballroom, Bryan and Carmen crying, the rumba, the audience clapping for minutes. The energy in that room is so powerful you can even feel it through a screen.

8. Blackpool Dance Festival 2000 Pro Latin Final

In this video from 20 years ago, you can see some of the biggest legends of this industry competing for winning one against each other in the most prestigious dance competition – Blackpool Dance Festival. 

The legends: Jukka & Sirpa, Bryan & Carmen, Alan & Serena, Paul & Hanna, Louis & Karina, Ralf & Olga, Mathew & Nicole. 

And as a little extra, we cannot end this article without mentioning Donie Burns & Gaynor Fairweather. They are true legends of the Latin-American dancing world and an inspiration for many great dancers who came after them.


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