Experience the Extraordinary at Emerald Ball 2018 Between 1-6 May!

Between 1-6 May Emerald Ball 2018 is bringing expert judges, top dancers and creating a one of kind experience for all participants. All competition events will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton, in the International Ballroom off the Main Lobby.

Are you ready for a week of dancesport competition?

The organizers will ensure an art-loving atmosphere in which you can showcase your talent. Furthermore, the main goal of the event is to give dancers an opportunity to grow from their competing and performing.

50+ Roaring Years Of Emerald Ball Championships

Emerald Ball Championships has been providing high-quality pro/am dance competitions for more than 50 years. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the largest competition in the U.S. history. And in 2013 became the largest pro/am competition in the world with over 15,000 entries, amateurs and professionals.

In 1989, Wayne and Donna Eng purchased the Emerald Ball Championships from Ken and Sheila Sloan. Prior to that, the event had been promoted by Ken and Sheila Sloan for 25 years. For a few years, Wayne’s partner was Terry Leone. In addition, she had worked directly under Arthur Murray. From 1994, Wayne and Donna Eng are the sole organizers and owners of the Emerald Ball.

Big Names. New Talent.

All talent on deck! Whether it’s their first time going to a mega-competition or they’re at the top of their game, this top-notch event is a true gem.

Amateurs can get their feet wet for the first time in a large competition. Moreover, they can also take the Emerald Ball dance camp and get coaching from the best of the best.

Also, the pros will not forgive themselves if they miss this one. Here, they can put their best foot forward and make sure they rank up on the national scene.

To stay on top of the lineup, check the available program for the Emerald Ballroom Competition 2018.

Top Judges and Officials Of The Emerald Ball 2018

Co-Chairman of the Judges & NDCA Observer are Richard Booth and Jackie Rogers.

In addition, the panel boasts 44 highly experienced individuals who have the necessary expertise to judge one the U.S.’s greatest ballroom dancing competition: 

Belinda Adora, Amy Anderson, Didio Barrera, Nicole Carroll, Nathan Daniels, Chuck Danza, Linda Dean, Boriana Deltcheva, Tommy DiTommaso, Rufus Dustin, Gary Edwards, John Elsbury, Iveta Faraci, Elena Grinenko, Albina Habrle. Maria Hansen, Leisa Howard, Ilya Ifraimov, Charlotte Jorgensen, Eugene Katsevman, David Kloss, Stephen Knight, Kasia Kozak, Melanie LaPatin, Izabela Lewandowski, Jim Maranto, Diana McDonald. Ron Montez, Richard Porter, Robert Powers Bob, Toni Redpath, Victoria Regan, Jonathan Roberts, Cher Rutherford, Irina Sarukhanyan, Ken Sloan, Karina Smirnoff, Heather Smith, Sam Sodano, Bill Sparks, Mireille Veilleux, Jonathan Wilkins and Lori Woods-Gay.

Where Can You Get Your Tickets For The Emerald Ball 2018?

The first option is to buy the ticket online. Also, the Emerald Ball accepts payment online for spectator tickets:

The second option is to get your ticket on the spot. During the week of events, you can get also buy your ticket at the registration desk. Starting Monday May 1st, at 12 PM, you can call the Emerald Ball Registration & Ticket Booth at 310-410-6280.

Registration & Ticket Sale Hours:

  • Monday: 12 PM – 11 PM
  • Tuesday: 7 AM – 12 AM 
  • Wednesday 6 AM  – 12 AM 
  • Thursday 7 AM  – 11 PM
  • Friday 6:30 AM  – 12 AM 
  • Saturday 6:30 AM  -12 AM 
  • Sunday 7 AM  – 7 PM

Tickets are GOING FAST!  Make sure you get your ticket before the event it’s sold out.

Every seat is a great seat at Emerald Ball 2018. For example, choose from front row tables, front row risers, and 2nd – 5th row risers.

Fun. Glitz. Glamour. And All That Ballroom!

Emerald Ball 2018 will take place at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton located on 5711 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, California, 90045.

The dress code for the daytime events is casual and for the evening ladies are expected to wear cocktail dresses and men jacket and tie.

Lastly, we advise you to make the most of your trip! Since you’re in L.A., you can take some time out in the Californian sun and experience the allure of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Dancing With the Stars, Disneyland, or the Manhattan beach. Check the guide to the local area here.

To recap:


Experience your competition of choice and watch some of the top competitors from the U.S. and abroad this year at Emerald Ball 2018!  

Are you ready to be entertained?


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