Dancing On a Budget: 4 Creative and Effective Ways To Do It

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Do you wish to dance like your idols but can’t afford expensive top-teachers? We’re coming to the rescue with a few simple tips to level-up when you are dancing on a budget.

1. Be Ready To Perform

Dancing on a budget might mean that you can’t have as many private lessons as you want, thus learning technique can become an issue. If a strong technical knowledge isn’t your strongest point, then you should master all the other aspects of dancing.

Be the fittest couple of your age group or category and practice more than the others. Competition is not an exam. You’ll not be asked to answer theoretical questions or to show figures from the book. To compete in dancing means to perform. Inside the “performance” pot, technique is just only one of the ingredients that will make you win.

2. Film Yourself To Check Your Moves

Yes, you can be your own coach. In any sports, athletes can coach themselves. This is the difference between those who will have a chance to fight for a place that counts and the others that won’t even be near that.

The only issue is that in dancesport we don’t have a certain time record to overtake, we don’t have a goal to score or the bull’s eye to aim. That’s why you need to be able to check for yourself your progress. A way of doing that is to take videos of your dance. Back in the day, you could only follow your instinct, sometimes by checking yourself in the mirror in the dance studio. But today you have no excuse! Just grab your phone and start recording how you dance, both in the dance studio and during a competition.

3. Set Goals When You Practice

To practice without a goal doesn’t take you anywhere. Avoid nonsense hours in the dance studio where you just repeat your usual routine of exercises and you dance your choreographies a couple of times each. Having a teacher near you to keep an eye on you all the time and be there to remind you what to improve would make a huge difference. But if you’re dancing on a budget, you must set the goals you want to reach by the end of the training for yourself.

Choose a few of the ideas that you got from the last private lesson, talk about them with your partner so you both know on what you should focus on and just keep repeating until you get it. This simple method will speed up your progress. Furthermore, it will give a good amount of motivation when you realize that you actually achieved the goals you set.

4. Find Online Information

Here the technology comes in help. Nowadays you can pretty much fill up your knowledge gap just watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, or finding online learning platforms. Lectures, group lessons, live streaming from training camps, Instagram stories with your favorite idols…anything you want, you can have it.

So, if you’re really hungry of information, you’ll be able to find precious advice anywhere on the Internet. Then, you can easily try to use it in your dance. Moreover, if you think that your choreography is old or doesn’t fit your style anymore, you can also take inspiration to create your new routine.

For online information, you can go on our online platform – Dancesportlife Academy where you can find a library of online courses and camp lectures that you can access through a monthly membership. 


Remember, dancing on a budget can be daunting but it’s in your power to make the best of it!


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Italian, dancing since the age of 5 and currently based in Moscow. With his partner Ekaterina Utkina, he is in the top 50 WDSF Adult Standard World Ranking, representing the Russian Federation.

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