30 Funny Dancesport Realities

We already know 5 things ballroom dancers do, but here you will find 30 funny dancesport realities to which I am sure you’re going to relate:

1. Dancing in heels should count as a superpower.

2. Your partner’s face is immune to ponytail whipping.

3. Ruined bedsheets by fake tan. 

4. There is no such thing as too much gel or hairspray

5. You learned to do a full face make-up way before any of your non-dancer friends.

6. You can always pull off a sleeked back hair. 

7. When you learn all the names from the Swarowsky stones palette. 

8. Your teacher uses noises instead of counting.

9. “Let’s do it one more time” is a huge lie. 

10. Your dance wardrobe is bigger than the “street clothes” wardrobe. 

11. Finding stones in weird places. 

12. Definitely “and” is a number! 

13. Choreographing every song you listen to.

14. Practicing your connection when you open every door.

15. Feeling your center every time you stand still.

16. Being ace at faking confidence. 

17. Everyone telling you that you seem arrogant. 

18. When everyone assumes you are dating your dance partner. 

19. You know what “Davai” means even if you’re not Russian. 

20. You learned how to treat a lady from a young age. 

21. You say 5,6,7,8 instead of “ready, set, go”.

22. When the teacher puts you in a position and it feels weird, but you actually look amazing. 

23. You cannot walk without moving my hips.

24. Quickstep can be a combat sport. 

25. People who you follow on Instagram: 5% friends, 5% family, 90% other dancers.

26. That mini heart-attack when you don’t find your partner before the Round.

27. Total brain freeze when the teacher asks “What’s the count there?”

28. Latin dancers do not simply practice without watering their shoes every 5 minutes.

29. Always misplacing your shoe brush. 

30. Restoning missing stones on your dress/shirt is pure relaxation.


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Leave us in the comment section below what are your most relatable dancesport realities!

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