Dancesport Instagram #Challenges: We Had Some Fun in 2018!

Following the Trends: Dancesport Instagram Challenges

Lately, on Instagram, there has been a craze with dance challenges. For example, everybody knows about the “KiKi” song from Drake (it’s actually called Drake – In My Feelings, who knew 🙈). But the song really became viral because of the dance challenge created around it: people were getting off a slowly moving car dancing along next to it.

Since we’re all in love with dancing we said to ourselves: “Why not give the floor to ballroom and latin dancers for dance challenges?”. So in 2018, we started on our Instagram account a new wave in the dancesport online community. We dared you guys to some dancesport Instagram challenges.

#DancesportHoliday Challenge

Dancers are so passionate about what they do that they cannot stop even when they are on vacation. Our dancesport Instagram challenge proves it. Dancers from all over the world shared with us from their holiday destination their top dancing figures. We got to see quickstep danced in busy streets, samba on high hills and rumba on idyllic beaches.

We absolutely loved this challenge because we felt that we can know you a little more! There is something really intimate about seeing dancers outside their usual environment (that is comps or a dance studio). Also, the look on people’s faces when they see people dancing on the streets is priceless 😅.


In the early days of September, we were really feeling gloomy over the warm days of summer. So, we chose to stretch out the holiday feeling by celebrating a famous samba move – the batucada. How did the figure come into the dancesport world?

The legendary Julie Laird, Walter Laird’s last dancing partner, was the first one who introduced the Brazilian Batucada at the Blackpool Dance Festival in 1988. Since then, there was no samba routine without this fun (and quite challenging) move.

We were really impressed to see how well you master the batucada. It was really heartwarming to see that even dance clubs like the Batakada Dance School joined our challenge. Our main purpose is to bring everyone passionate about dancing together and celebrate the reasons we love this sport and art form!


Dancers can sometimes take themselves too seriously. Nevertheless, during Christmas time every single one of us should feel a bit more carefree and joyful. Thus we came up with the idea to help you get into the Christmas spirit through another dancesport Instagram challenge.

The only two things needed: the happiness of dancing and a Santa Claus hat!


We hope you enjoyed our dancesport Instagram challenges and we’re really curious if you have any other ideas for future challenges. Drop your ideas in the comment section below or write to us at [email protected]

Our wish is to make 2019 even greater than 2018 by sharing with you fun and helpful articles, high-quality dancing and valuable insights from the biggest names in the industry.

Happy New Year !!!

I've started dancing when I was 9 years old and it has been a part of me ever since. I love to surround myself with everything dancesport related. Now I get to experience the world of dancing through a writer's lens.

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