Reasons Why Your Dance Family Is the Best

Being a dancer is not a very easy occupation. You are away most of the time at lessons or competitions and there are moments when you’re under a lot of stress. The essential element for you to succeed (besides your willpower) is your dance family.

Each and every one of them has a different role in helping you grow into the dancer that you dream of becoming.

Your Parents

Nothing would’ve been possible without the support from your mom and dad!

Reasons Why Your Dance Family Is the Best

We all know this is a sport that is quite expensive and those private lessons, competitions, and costumes don’t pay themselves. But your parents really stepped in and made an effort for you to do what you love the most.

Besides the financial support, just remember all those times they were there for you: cheering for you at competitions or comforting you when you didn’t get the result you wanted. They were there with you on the road, driving you to all those competitions (even to different countries) or in backstage, helping you with hair and make-up.

Your Brother Or Sister

Who can be there next to you when you have doubts better than a sister or a brother?

Reasons Why Your Dance Family Is the Best

They are the people you go to when no one else understands you. A sister will be there to tell you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. A brother will always encourage you and be by your side. This also includes all your brothers and sisters from another mother.

They are there to offer you the most sincere advice!

Your Colleagues

They are definitely the ones that will cheer their hearts out for you at the competition.

Your dance colleagues are the people with whom you go through ups and downs. From really tough training camps to fun memories from the road to comps, you learn how to be responsible together.

They will be the ones who will come to the rescue when you forget your hairspray or fake tan at home and the ones with whom you create some of the most cherished memories.

Your Significant Other

Dancing is such a beautiful art form because it recreates through body actions the feelings love and passion that two people have for each other.

More than often, your partner is just your dance partner and not your lover. That might be an issue sometimes if you do have a significant other (yes, I am talking about jealousy). We know it is very difficult to see your loved one holding hands and dancing romantically with someone else – it’s a natural feeling. But a genuinely supportive boyfriend or girlfriend will understand that your relationship with your dance partner is purely professional and artistic.

If you get that sort of unconditional understanding from them, then their support will matter the most in your career!

Your Dance Teacher

Your teacher is the figure that guides you in your career and that you look up to.

Besides the valuable information that they share with you, they will tell you what competitions to go to and what dresses to wear. They will give you advice on life in general and will be there to help you solve any problems you might have.

A teacher will scold you and will encourage you. They will know what buttons to push to help you move forward.

They are basically your dance parents – they teach you how to walk, don’t they ?! 😁

Your Partner

The bond you have with your dance partner is truly a special one. The meaning of the word “partner” itself represents a link with another person with whom you share experiences.

Reasons Why Your Dance Family Is the Best

Your dance partner understands and knows every little gesture of yours. They know how you react in so many situations: happiness, stress, sadness, fury, and so on. Dancing is all about communication and for that, you both need to learn how to discuss and make compromises.

They are the people with whom you share the love for dancing and with whom you go through good and bad. They make us feel grateful to have them in our lives.

To all of YOU – our dance family – a BIG THANK YOU!

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