Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Ballroom For Your Child

Wondering why your children should take on dancesport classes? We have made a list of both mental and physical benefits that will offer you answers.

To begin with, it is necessary to make a distinction between dancing naturally and taking a dance class. The ideal age to begin studying dance styles with much more complexity starts at 7 or 8 years. Then the child who reads and writes is better prepared for understanding. 

Mental Benefits

Dancing helps children concentrate, improves their learning abilities and strengthens their cognitive abilities. Also, as an outcome, children behave better.  Dance practice takes discipline and determination that will allow a child to build a strong character. But it’s very important for children not to feel pressured as it can generate anxiety and stress and that is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

1. Self-confidence

When a child is very clear that he wants to dedicate part of his time to dancing, he must be ambitious. The dance represents a myriad of goals that can or cannot be fulfilled quickly. It helps children overcome the frustration of defeat and experience the joy of accomplishing goals, thus forging their character. 

A child with a high self-esteem and a positive concept of self will be able to overcome the fear of others’ opinions and fight for his/her dream.

As they begin to learn new steps, choreographies, they will feel more confident and able to demonstrate that they can handle any situation. Therefore, it is important to help them grow by reinforcing their qualities and letting them make small decisions.

2. Creativity and expression

Dance is a form of artistic communication and expression of emotions, feelings, thoughts, images, and moods of the human being. It is also a means to entertain, have fun and enjoy with rhythmic movements of the body.

For these reasons it is an extremely beneficial activity in the formation of children. It satisfies their need for expression and creation, through the knowledge of their own body. It helps them to discover the multiple capacities of movement that they possess, according to their level of performance, thus channeling their creative potential.

If you want to read more about creativity in dancing, you can check this article

3. Work-ethic and discipline

Dance offers a multitude of benefits, but an important aspect that we must pay special attention to are the values and competencies transferred. We live in a world full of rules that we must meet to achieve harmonious living, and these rules must be learned from an early age.

Dance teaches you values of responsibility, ambition, and commitment, that other disciplines cannot boast about. I have seen teenagers who sacrificed an outing of friends for dance classes, we speak of people especially responsible for their tasks.

4. Social skills

Dance is a fun activity that encourages the social development of children. They interact with other children of their age, creating bonds between them indispensable for adult life. They also learn to cooperate and work as a team, improving their relationship with others.

From my own experience, I’ve met my close friends in the dance environment. You go through the same experiences, shows, classes that generate group cohesion.

5. Dancesport helps children with mental disorders

Children calm down a lot after dance classes and are less aggressive. Through group dancing, children can gain the experience of seeing how people adapt to each other. It’s a valuable way to foster social relationships. 

These advantages of dance in children’s education are added to being able to enjoy and recreate with the movement in a playful environment, enrich the expression of affections and gain confidence in themselves.

The team at Dancesport Life has actually received an email from a proud mother whose boy has Autism. She confessed to us that although dancesport is seen as a posh activity, an activity for the elite, it has helped her child immensely. Her boy has made it to the finals of Britain’s best and the semi-final of Champions of Tomorrow for Juvenile. Now he has a new partner as he begins in Juniors. 

Dancesport has been the best form of therapy!

We encourage parents who have children in that situation to give dancesport a try, it is an amazing environment and a full-circle activity. It has the ability to make children develop facets they didn’t know about. It’s also very important for them to understand their self-worth and that they can do more things than they imagine.

Physical Benefits

Usually, children lack rhythm, balance, and are not particularly aware of their bodies, but it is very important to recognize that children respond like a sponge, quickly absorbing any information. Therefore, dancesport can help them develop physical skills that keep them healthy.

One of the most important aspects of preparing a young dancer in whatever style comes from the quality of food. We can safely say that a good career is born at a dinner table. There you choose what and how much to eat and drink. You must calibrate nutrition exactly taking into account the dance style, the duration, and intensity of training.

Also, dancing improves your fitness level just like any other type of exercise. This usually means children grow strong and healthy because they lead an active life. It’s a great way to burn calories in a fun way and while improving stamina.  

You can read more about an inspirational program for kids called Dancing Classrooms and Pierre Dulaine, his founder’s story here.

No matter who you are, what age you are, dancesport can change your life for the better. Give it a try! And if you are a parent, encourage your kid to pursue this activity since it will only offer immense satisfaction!


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