9 Tips to Always Look on Point on the Dancefloor

A big part of dancesport competitions is making sure you look your best on the dancefloor. Catching the judges’ eyes is not only based on dancing skills but on the whole package. You must look super professional, so here are 9 tips to always look on point on the dancefloor:

1. Teaser brush 

The teaser brush is the ultimate weapon against baby and renegade hairs. It comes in handy for creating that sleek look. This kind of brush helps hair really stick to your head.

2. Gel, hairspray, and  hair dryer

While we’re on the subject of hair: the gel, hairspray, and hair dryer trifecta is always present at each dance competition. In order to create that desirable sleek look, you must use a lot of gel and then set it with hairspray. The secret is using the hairdryer to set all that product more quickly. Add another layer of gel for the shine and you are ready to go.

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3. Crimping your hair

Hair crimpers are styling tools with zig-zag plates that add textured waves to your hair. This method provides instant volume so your updo will look much fuller. Crimping adds a royal touch to your hairstyle. 

4. Primer

Dancing your heart out on competition day also means sweating – one of makeup’s worst enemies. Primer creates a smooth base for makeup products to better adhere to your skin; this way, the makeup you put on your face and eyes will last longer. Plus, eye primer will make the colors of your eyeshadows really pop!

5. Setting powder

Setting powder is the final makeup step, and it’s one you shouldn’t forget! Setting powder works with primer to ensure that your foundation won’t run. Additionally, setting powder is the go-to product for when you want to control the T-zone shine. 

6. Good brushes

Trends change all the time, but it’s been a few years now that blended makeup has been at the forefront. Who remembers “panda eyes”? 🙈 Well, the secret to achieving blended makeup is investing in a few good brushes and knowing which type of brush is best for each makeup product.

7. Lip liner 

Lip liner is not only useful for creating and defining fuller lips. One cool secret is that you can use it as a base for your lipstick, so if the lipstick comes off, you’ll still have color on your lips. Lip liner has a different texture from lipstick (it’s less creamy), so it doesn’t smear off as easily. 

8. Exfoliate

Regardless of whether you’re a ballroom dancer or latin dancer, you want your skin to look perfect on the dancefloor. For the ballroom dancers, it needs to look glowing and elegant; for latin dancers, it must look exotic and tanned. In either case, you’ll need to exfoliate and then hydrate your skin so that the products you apply on competition day will look natural and will be longlasting.

9. Gel nails

It’s no secret that dancers’ toenails are always under an immense amount of stress. Dancing shoes are designed to hold everything in place to help us point our toes to the maximum. But how can we maintain a gorgeous pedicure under these conditions? Well, go for a gel pedicure instead of normal nail polish. Gel clings differently to your nails and will still look fresh even after five rounds. 

And because we’re on the subject of competitions here is an article on what you should always have in your dance bag at comps.

What about you, what are your tips to look on point on the dancefloor?

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