7 Hacks Only Dancers Know

Who doesn’t love a good hack? Sometimes a common product such as a hairspray can be given different uses besides the obvious. It’s all about having a little curiosity and a desire to try new things.

Check out the following hacks that I’ve discovered throughout the years:

Hack 1. Hairspray the bottom of your shoes – it gives you more friction.

Two years ago I was participating in an event in which we had to perform, and the floor of the location was especially slippery, not very suitable for ballroom dancing. And to top all of that, I wore shoes that had very smooth soles that night, which alarmingly lowered my chances of finishing the performance in top form.

If a dancer hates something it’s that he has to bother his head with these details, that eventually can make a great difference.

I was sitting in the dressing room waiting to go next when I did an overhaul in my mind of the products I had within my reach to see what could be useful in my mission to arrive in one piece at the performance closing.

And then I saw the hairspray in my backpack. Eureka!

I sprayed it several times on the soles of my shoes and found with satisfaction that I could walk steadily and without fear of slipping, and I was able to finish without any problems.

Another trick that I use if I want to avoid slipping is to drop some Coca-Cola on the sole of my shoes, to make them stick more to the floor. It really comes in handy and every dancer must have used this trick at least once.

Hack 2. Use a toothbrush to tame your baby hairs.

Rebellious hair is a serious problem, especially for dancers who don’t need any additional stress while they’re dancing.

Here’s an exceptionally easy trick to tame your loose hairs with just a bottle of hairspray and a toothbrush. All you have to do is sprinkle hairspray once or twice on a toothbrush. Now, you can carefully comb over that rebellious part of your hair.

Because the toothbrush contains numerous fine bristles, it can be used to control those small sections of hair, in which ordinary brushes can be normally inserted.

Note: The toothbrush can also be used to comb the eyebrows and the bangs.

Hack 3. Spray a thin layer of hairspray to make the glitter of your dress stays glued to your costume.

Spray your glittery dress with hairspray a night before putting it on. The hairspray will act as an additional glue to the shine, reducing the amount it drops.

Be sure to choose a hairspray that does not leave a film, as this will ensure that the shine of the dress will remain just as bright. Always try the hairspray on a small area of the fabric before applying it to the rest of the dress. Hairspray stains are sometimes difficult to remove.

Hack 4. You can massage a sore muscle with a tennis ball.

The purpose of this massage is to:

  • increase circulation;
  • relax muscles to improve mobility;
  • release endorphins as a tool to remove pain.

Tennis balls can reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, allowing your muscles to contract and stretch completely. If you experience foot pain you can use the tennis ball for self-massage as it loosens stiffness in the muscles of your plant, joints and connective tissues.

How do you do it?

Place the ball under the arch of your foot, keeping your heel on the ground and allow your body weight to sink. Roll your foot from side to side, allowing the ball to cross the arch. Then roll the ball along your foot. Repeat for the other foot.

Hack 5. If you forget your makeup remover you can use vaseline.

Vaseline is a blend of various waxes and mineral oils that combine body temperature and moisture retention.

How do you use it?

Rub a thin layer of vaseline on a cotton ball and clean your eyes makeup mistakes. To completely remove eye makeup, take a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger and massage the eye area until all the makeup is off. Wipe with a cloth or cotton wool and wash your face.

Why use vaseline as an eye makeup remover:

  • It removes almost all eye makeup quite easily, including the waterproof;
  • It is cheap and readily available;
  • Prevents aging and maintains moisture in the skin;
  • It makes thicker eyelashes.

And since we’re at it with makeup, check this article for an amazing dancesport competition tutorial.

Hack 6. Hairspray your bobby pins, they’ll stay on better.

Bobby pins are such a must-have and unfortunately, they always tend to disappear in mysterious conditions. You just can’t have enough bobby pins!

To fixate your hair better, make sure you hairspray your bobby pins before you place them. This way your hairstyle will be on point, and you’ll have no hairs bothering you during the dance.

Hack 7. If your dance bag starts to smell use a tea bag to suck up all the scent, same with dance shoes.

Used and dried tea bags can be used in small or enclosed spaces where unwanted odors can be generated, and they are responsible for absorbing these odors.

For example, just drop in 1 or 2 tea bags in the backpack in which you keep your training clothes and shoes. The same with shoes, the smell will disappear and the tea bag will also absorb excess moisture and the odor.

Do you have anymore hacks under your belt? Let us know your hints and tips – share them with us on email: [email protected] .

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